Hosting a colleague from another country in a formal or an informal way is always a challenge. It requires careful planning and timetabling. However the experience can be rewarding for both the host and the visitor. Moreover it may pave the way for long-term collaboration and partnerships. The hosting hospital should facilitate and support the interprofessional exchange of knowledge and ideas in any possible way. 

The task of the hosting unit will be:

      • To provide a contact person who will co-ordinate the visit (contact information sheet).
      • The contact person will agree to mentor and supervise the visiting nurse during the time spent in the host unit.
      • To contribute jointly with the visiting nurse to the preparation of a one week programme. It is advised to vary the programme. A mix of clinical practice, research and innovative activities, educational sessions and social activities is suggested.
      • Within two months of being approached by the visiting nurse, the aims and objectives should be finalised and agreed between all key people.
      • Agree to prepare a short orientation programme of the unit, hospital and city.
      • Enable the visitor to participate in a range of clinical activities but not to undertake direct patient contact.
      • To assist the nurse in organising their stay by offering lodging facility in the hospital or in a nearby hotel, or by encouraging nurses of the hospital to host the visiting nurse.
      • Organising an exchange visit may take at least 2 to 4 months of preparation.
      • Post all relevant information to the visiting nurse at least 4 weeks prior to arrival.
      • Encourage the visiting nurse to give a presentation about critical care nursing in their country or on subjects related to the nurse‚Äôs speciality.
      • Follow up on the evaluation form, and collect it



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