July 2, 2019

After 20 years Daniel Benlahouès is leaving the EfCCNa family, representing his French association, Société Française des Infirmiers de Soins Intensifs, Sfisi. Daniel is one of the founding members of EfCCNa and a Fellow of the federation since 2013.
He is passiDanielonate about his work in critical care nursing and has put so much of himself,  both professionally and personally in his time and commitment into EfCCNa.

He demonstrates this through leadership not only in his work locally in France, but nationally as well in driving forward critical care nursing. His French association  Sfisi, was founded in 1981 as an independent association with support of the SRLF (Société de Réanimation de Langue Française). For quite many years Sfisi participated in in national medical congresses (medical and paramedical) togheter with SRLF. Those congresses were the main sourch of income for Sfisi. But in 2006 there was a breach of the contract that united SRLF and Sfisi which made Sfisi continue independantly. Daniel along with his colleauge Laurent Poiroux, were the driving forces behind this, with the commitment to make Sfisi a strong and independent Critical Care Nursing Association. They took the opportunity and sought support through their international community within EfCCNa and came out stronger than ever as a national association. And until this day Sfisi is an independent association.

Internationally his contribution to EfCCNa has been invaluable. In 2002 Daniel and Sfisi hosted our very first EfCCNa congress in Paris. To all of us who were there, that was the beginning of something big and very important for the development and future of EfCCNa.

Dear Daniel, we thank you for all that you have done for our EfCCNa family. We will definitely miss you but we also know that all good things come to an end. Still, it made us very happy to read that you aim to be at our next congress and of course being an EfCCNa Fellow, congresses are an excellent opportunity to make reunions with your friends and Fellows.

Good luck with your future work and other things in life.