November 14, 2019

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2019 2 NL PIC

November 14, 20192016 Iben

B SavicThank you very much Biljana Savic from Serbia and Iben Tousgaard from Denmark for your participation in EfCCNa as national representative in the last years. It was great working with you.
The EfCCNa family wishes you all the best for your future and we hope to see you at the next congress 2021.

Drago Satosek, current EfCCNa treasurer gave over his post as Slovenian Council representative to his colleague Marco Kucan. Drago
EfCCNa thanks him very much for all his commitment as Council member and is happy to still have him on board and to be able to rely on his expertise on financial issues.



November 14, 2019

2019 P MadsenPernille has been working within IC for the past 24 years at multidisciplinary  intensive care units in the Copenhagen area.
She has been nurse manager for 10 years, and responsible for the education of critical care nurses in the unit, for the past 10 years.
Nowadays she is concentrating working on clinical education in critical care nursing in the ICU of Hvidovre Hospital.

Additionally to her education as critical care nurse, many years ago, she has a diploma in leadership and management and a master degree in learning and innovation.
During the past 3 years she has been deeply involved in developing the new national curriculum for critical care education.
She is now a member of the national group of critical care nurses, responsible for the clinic part of the education in critical care.

Welcome, Pernille


November 14, 2019


  Pierre-Ives Blanchard is the new French representative in the Council.

  He is the successor of Daniel Benlahouès, who is one of the founding
  members of EfCCNa and a Fellow, too.

  Pierre-Ives is the current President of the French Critical Care Nursing
  Society SFISI.


November 1, 2019Marko Kucan

EfCCNa is happy to welcome Marco Kucan as the new Slovenian representative within the EfCCNa family of critical care nursing organisations.
Marko is a RN. He works as an ICU bedside nurse in the Department of Intensive Internal Medicine at the University Medical Centre Ljubljana.
He is especially interested VAP prevention and nursing care of patients on ECMO. He is currently studying for a master's degree in nursing.