General info

Health & Safety

All major Covid restrictions in the Netherlands have been lifted. However, with the health and safety of the delegates in mind, we recommend that you check the current guidelines at the Dutch Government’s Covid-19 information page. There, you will also find the rules for entering the Netherlands for European and non-European citizens.

Call for Volunteers

Apply to volunteer at the Congress!

  • Volunteering is a great way to meet new people, get connected and network with scientists and professionals dedicated to the various aspects of clinical cell analysis
  • You will be given free access to the EfCCNa 2021 Congress
  • You will gain practical experience in the organisational aspects of conferences
  • Volunteers play an integral role and contribute to the success of the meeting
  • You will receive a Certificate of Assistance 

The Call for Volunteers including more information on the tasks, the working schedule, qualifications and requirements can be (pre-)ordered from the Congress Organisers, Babette Schmidt, Your Conference Support,

Registration Desk - opening hours

  • Wednesday 31 August

    17:30 - 19:30 hrs 

  • Thursday 1 September

    08:00 – 17:00

  • Friday 2 September

         08:30 – 17:00

  • Saturday 3 September

    08:30 – 13:00

General information


The Abstract book will be sent to registered participants approx. 1 week before the Congress. Due to environmental reasons the abstracts will not be printed as part of the Programme book. The individual abstracts can also be consulted in the Congress app.

Certificate of attendance

A certificate of attendance stating the number of contact hours will be available online on your personal registration page after the Congress. 

Congress language

The official conference language is English.

Dress code

The dress code during the entire meeting is “smart casual”. 


Wireless internet is available at no charge throughout the congress venue. 


Delegates are advised to arrange adequate travel, health and other insurance before they leave their home country. The Organising Committee and the Conference organisers will not be liable and will not compensate for any damage incurred to participants during the meeting. 

Programme changes

The organisers reserve the right to adjust or change the programme as necessary.

Smoking Policy

Smoking is not permitted at the congress facilities. Smoking is not allowed in all enclosed spaces in The Netherlands including offices, restaurants and pubs.


EfCCNa and Your Conference Support, its Board and committee members, officers, agents and employees (hereafter referred to as: the organisers) accept no liability for personal injuries or loss, of any nature whatsoever, or for loss or damage to property either during or as a result of the EfCCNa 2021 Conference.

Delegates are advised to arrange adequate travel, health, and other insurance before they leave their home country. Participation is completely at the participant’s own risk. The organisers will not be liable and will not compensate for any damage incurred to participants during the meeting. The organisers are hereby released from all claims.


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The European Federation of Critical Care Nursing Associations (EfCCNa) is a formal network of critical care nursing associations in Europe.