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EfCCNa Congress

10th EfCCNa Congress 12 - 15 March 2025 - Bologna, Italy

 2023 Congress Announcement


9th EfCCNa Congress 31 August - 3 September 2022 - Utrecht, The Netherlands

 2022 postponed.klein

Key note Lectures 9th EfCCNa Congress

EfCCNa Webinars

3rd Webinar: Sustainability in ICU 

2024 Webinar 1 promo

Presentations of the webinar - click here

2nd Webinar: Taking Care of the ICU Nurse during the pandemic

2022216 WI programm

 Find the record of the webinar here


1st EfCCNa Webinar: ICU Nursing after the COVID-19 pandemic - what did we gain?

2021 Webinar FA final.klein 

           Find the recording of the webinar here

             Plenary session 1: The Chinese nurses experience with COVID-19 / Jos Latour   (pdf)

             Plenary session 2: Experiences from first wave – Italy / Andrea Bernini

             Plenary session 3: New treatments - Awake proning / Willemke Stilma and Eva Akerman (pdf)

             Plenary session 4: Impact of COVID-19 on nursing workload / Arnaud Bruyneel  (pdf)