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COVID-19 Resources for Critical Care Nursing

Nurses are core to health delivery and advising the public during this Corona Virus outbreak. We must support each other and ensure we receive the most up to date reliable information. Here is some of the latest data useful in caring for these patients

The EFN/EfCCNa/EuSEN Statement on COVID-19 Preparedness and the Urgent Need to Protect Frontline Nurses   click here

Mechanical Ventilation

Combating the Tsunami of Misinformation From Mainstream and Social Media

New Critical Care Medicine editorial examines the role of mainstream and social media in creating the narrative that intubation and mechanical ventilation led to suboptimal COVID19 outcomes.  Full article



Guidance for Concious Proning - Intensive Care Society






The WHO Academy's COVID-19 mobile learning app

During this pandemic, when what we know about COVID-19 continues to evolve and new information comes out almost every day, we want every health worker to be able to benefit from the learning resources in this app.


End-of-Life Care

Palliative care fundamentals during pandemic

Palliative care applies across the duration of serious illness or injury, and end-of-life care refers to interventions used just before a death. For critically ill patients with COVID-19, the rapid decompensation and high fatality rate make the distinction less relevant. When treating patients with COVID-19, we need to apply palliative care fundamentals from the start to ensure we provide optimal end-of-life care.

Review AACN’s position statement on Ethical Triage and End-of-Life Care.

Use the End of Life Nursing Education Consortium’s resources specific to COVID-19.

The Journal of Hospice and Palliative Care Nursing is offering open access to their content.

Stress, Resilience and COVID-19

How to cope with this huge challenge

How do we function when COVID19 challenges us on so many levels? Evidence indicates that resilience is related to lower rates of PTSD more information

EfCCNa Webinar on 'ICU Nursing after the COVID-19 Pandemic: what did we gain?'

find the Presentations here

LitCovid: For the Latest Reliable Science on COVID-19

AACN overview on reliable sources of information

In the ongoing battle against COVID-19, knowledge is power. The problem is that too much information about novel coronavirus online and in the news is questionable or untrustworthy. With health systems pushed to the limit, caregivers must seek out the most credible, most reliable sources of knowledge, even as they race against the clock to treat a population in need of intensive care.

You can find the article here

SCCM COVID-19 Resources

Society of Critical Care Medicine Resources

The Society of Critical Care Medicine’s (SCCM) COVID-19 Rapid Resource Center gives you access to the latest education.

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