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15 August 2022
9th EfCCNa Congess in Utrecht:  The deadline for the regular fee is approaching fast, only 10 more days to go.  To register before August 25 saves you 80€. Thus, hurry up to join Europe's largest critical care nurses congress! Click here for registration 

All you need to know about the 9th EfCCNa Congress

29 July 2022
The latest EfCCNa newsletter with all information you need to know about the 9th EfCCNa Congress 2022 in Utrecht is now online! Go to the EfCCNa news site

Critical Care Doctoral European Nurses (CCDEN) Group Meeting in Utrecht

11 July 2022
Dear Colleague If you hold a PhD or are currently a PhD student, we would like to invite you to join the CCDEN meeting during the 2022 EfCCNa congress in Utrecht, the Netherlands. The Critical Care Doctoral European Nurses group was created in 2015 in Valencia. Our objective is establishing a network of critical care nursing researchers. Sinc...

9th EfCCNa Congress

25 June 2022
Good news for Critical Care Nurses in Europe: the early registration fee deadline is prolonged until June 30, 2022. Register here and safe money:

All good things come to an end ...

25 June 2022
Bronagh Blackwood and Anne Kokko, two highly motivated and inspirational persons have had lasting contribution to the growth, establishment and profile of EfCCNa.Both started as representatives from their national nursing association and became members of the Board of Officers in many roles. Bronagh was Vice-president of EfCCNa for two terms and...

New EfCCNa Board member - Zaneta Bogoevska-Miteva

09 June 2022
Zaneta Bogoevska-Miteva, Board MemberZaneta has been representing the Republic of Northern Macedonia in the Council since 2016. She is an ICU Nurse, working in the Hospital “Filip Vtori” in Skopje and she is active in nursing education and in supporting scientific research amongst critical care nurses. Additionally she has an active role as...

Karin Klas - new EfCCNa Secretary

09 June 2022
Karin Klas, EfCCNa SecretaryKarin Klas from Vienna is the Austrian delegate and member of the EfCCNa board. She is an expierenced critical care nurse (CCRN, pediatric CCRN) for more than 20 years and also a Nurse educator and Nurse scientist.Currently she is working as director of Homecare education facility and as a lecturer for critical care ...

Newly elected EfCCNa Vice-president

09 June 2022
Julie Benbenishty, EfCCNa Vice-presidentJulie Benbenishty from Jerusalem is a nurse working currently as an academic consultant to the clinical nurses working at Hadassah and associate professor teaching Master of Clinical Nursing at the school of nursing.Julie's core values are working for social justice and health equality in the land of Israe...

9th EfCCNa Congress - deadline early fee approaching fast

09 June 2022
ONLY 7 DAYS TO GO UNTIL THE EARLY FEE DEADLINE! Register now and save 85 euro! Hurry up and register here

EfCCNa welcomes new Council representative

09 May 2022
Belgium: Joséfine DeclayeJoséfine works part-time in an ICU at a rural hospital in Belgium (Marche-en-famenne). Her other part-time job is at the simulation centre of the University of Liège.Additionally, she is a volunteer for the red cross which allows her to go out of the hospital with an ambulance service but also to teach the community.&nbs...

New finnish representative within the EfCCNa Council: Jarkko Koskiniemi

24 April 2022
Jarkko lives in Helsinki and works as an ICU nurse manager at Helsinki University Hospital. He has always been working in acute and intensive care environments and is very keen on studying and always developing himself careerwise. Thus, after his master’s degree in nursing and in social and health sciences at the University of Eastern Finland ...

2nd EfCCNa webinar successfully held

25 March 2022
2nd EfCCNa webinar on 'Taking care of the ICU Nurse during the pandemic' was successfully held yesterday evening! Almost 250 delegates from four Continents had registered for this event. Great speakers and audience - obviously there is still big interest in this topic as the pandemic has had such a huge impact not only on the professional life ...

EfCCNa condemn the invasion of Ukraine

09 March 2022
EfCCNa is very concerned about the safety of nurses and their families and stand in solidarity with the people and healthcare workers caught up in the conflict in Ukraine.   The European federation of Critical Care Nursing associations (EfCCNa) represents approximately 25.000 European critical care nurses in 31 national member associa...

Training course Healthy Work Environments

17 February 2022
NOW AVAILABLE: The first open and multilingual blended (online and face to face) training course for nurse training professionals to develop Healthy Work Environments (HWE) knowledge, skills and competences for CCU nurses The training course is available as an e-learning online platform and includes:   • Online training on Healthy...

Late Abstract Submission 9th EfCCNa Congress

02 February 2022
The late abstract submission is still possible but for posters only - deadline is prolonged to February 15, 2022. Go to abstract submission  

EfCCNa welcomes new Italian Representation in the Council

19 January 2022
Tiziana Marano is the new Italian representative in the EfCCNa Council. She follows Silvia Scelsi who has been in charge of this post for a long time. A big thank you to Silvia and good luck for her future work as ANIARTI president from the whole EfCCNa family. Tiziana has been working as an ICU bedside nurse in Fatebenefratelli Hospital of Rom...


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The European Federation of Critical Care Nursing Associations (EfCCNa) is a formal network of critical care nursing associations in Europe.