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Sponsor activities

The activities below are listed in chronological order.

Nestlé sponsor lecture: No Tube, no Tube feeding

Thursday, 1 September, from 12:00-12:20 hrs. in session OP02 on Patient Safety and Quality improvement

Speaker: Mariël Klos

Summary: Many critically ill patients depend on gastric or jejunal feeding tubes to receive an adequate amount of nutrients and fluids. Unfortunately, in practice there appear to be all kinds of obstacles that prevent the patient from getting the amount of tube feeding he needs, like gastric retention, blocked feeding tubes and dislodged feeding tubes.  Nurses play a vital role in the care for feeding tubes. They can make a real difference by properly securing tubes, timely noticing the patients discomfort with the tube, act appropriately in the event of high gastric residual volumes and by unclogging blocked tubes. Good nursing care is essential for successful clinical nutrition.

Medela Corporate Lecture: Future perspectives of the postoperative pathways from a leading trauma center

Thursday, 1 September, from 14:00-14:30

Speaker: Floris Brouwers, Senior Nurse, Trauma surgery department, UMC Amsterdam location VU University Medical Centre, Amsterdam

Postoperative care means getting the patient fit again as quick and as safe as possible. Listen to how Floris Brouwers judged the situation at VUmc and initiated changes to make these pathways fit for the future.

BD Workshop: The importance of training and delivery of TTM

Thursday, 1 September, from 16:15-17:00 hrs. during session WS02 on Critical Care Targeted Temperature Management

Speaker: Stacey Voges-Valin

Medela Workshop: The Challenge of Leading Change - Implementing an ERAS Based Protocol
Lecture and hands-on workshop on dealing with digital drains

Friday, 2 September, from 11:00-12:30 hrs.

Speaker: Cha Young Kim

This talk will highlight the implementation of an ERAS based protocol into the Cardiothoracic Intensive Care Unit by a core team. Part of the protocol included changing the existing chest drainage system to a new digital chest drainage system. Introducing a new device into healthcare often presents numerous challenges so adopting the right approach and attitude are essential for HCPs. Come, share and listen to our story of how we did it.

Furine Workshop: Furine’s External Faecal Catheter – An Interactive Workshop

Friday, 2 September, from 16:15-17:00 hrs. during session OP16 on Fundamental ICU Care

Speaker: Heidi T. Nielsen

Caring for critically ill and therefore very vulnerable patients that suffer from Acute Feacal Incontinence associated with Diarrhea (AFId) is a challenging and often complicated task. Furine’s External Faecal Catheter is a novel and groundbreaking new faecal management system designed for ease of use and patient comfort. The soft and flexible external attachment system allows for safe and pain-free treatment and even mobilization without discomfort. The catheter has proven its success in handling AFId and has since launch in Denmark in ultimo 2019 rapidly become the caregiver’s product of choice.

In this interactive workshop the catheter will be presented, and all participants will be trained in use and application.