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Choose a destination from the list of hospitals or maybe you have got a choice of your own

Make contact with the EfCCNa representative of your country. Your representative will arrange a contact with the country of your choice and establish a connection between the hospital and you

Define your personal aims, objectives and expectations of this hospitation

Prepare a programme for one week together with your contact person in the hospital

A programme takes time to be prepared; it is advised to vary from a mix of clinical practice, a tour through the hospital, participation in educational sessions and social activites, also.

If possible prepare a presentation about critical care nursing in your own country.

After the visit we would like to have your feed back; so we ask you to fill in the evaluation form and send it back to the person in charge of the exchange programme (Jelena Slijepčević)

As we would like to attract many European critical care nurses to participate in the programme we ask you to share your experience.

Thus, please send us a short written report (300-500 words) for publication on the EfCCNa web site.