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E-learning resources

Multicultural Care

The Erasmus+ project Multicultural Care in European Intensive Care units, MICE-ICU (2016-2018) resulted in a specialized and accredited e-learning course on multicultural care dedicated to nurses working in intensive care environments.
It offers real, interactive e-learning. The syllabus and the course are endorsed by the European federation of Critical Care Nurses associations (EfCCNa).


  • Entry test of knowledge ·
  • MODULE I: Cultural awareness and sensitivity
  • MODULE II: Culturally diverse patients in health care environment ·
  • MODULE III: Specifics when caring for culturally diverse patients on ICU wards ·
  • Ending test of knowledge

The e-learning course is currently not available on the MICE-ICU website as this site was obviously hacked, sorry!


Healthy Work Environment for Critical Care Nurses

The  multilingual blended (online and face to face) training course for nurse training professionals to develop Healthy Work Environments (HWE) knowledge, skills and competences for CCU nurses.

The training course is available as an e-learning online platform and includes:
  •  Online training on Healthy Work Environments (HWE) for nurses in the Critical Care Units (CCU)
  •  Methods, tools and support materials for trainers involved in the (continuous) development of CCU nurses to design HWE training curricula
  •  Lesson plans on the six dimensions of HWE.
The course is available in six languages (English, Croatian, Greek, Polish, Romanian and Spanish) and as an Open Educational Resource free of charge



Managing Patients with Chest Drains 

The certified Chest Drain Management eLearning course examines what is a chest drain, where and why this is used along with different chest drainage systems. This course provides an excellent introduction to understanding and managing chest drainage. It covers topics such as:

  • Anatomy of the chest cavity
  • Function of chest drainage
  • Different chest drainage systems
  • Monitoring and management of chest drains
  • Information about digital drains
  • Differences between underwater seal drains and Thopaz+
  • Summary of features and benefits of Thopaz+
Link to the Medela eLearning course 

This course is CPD (Continuing Professional Development) certified.
This course is also endorsed by EfCCNa   



Other sources of online education

Patient Safety / Infection Control

The WHO Campaign 'Clean Care is Safer Care'

The goal of Clean Care is Safer Care is to ensure that infection control is acknowledged universally as a solid and essential basis towards patient safety and supports the reduction of health care-associated infections and their consequences.

Hand Hygiene & Standard Precautions to prevent Healthcare associated Infections
 The Nursing in Critical Care Virtual Issue about Infection Control


Paediatric sources of online education