New Danish Council Member - Pernille Madsen

2019 P MadsenPernille has been working within IC for the past 24 years at multidisciplinary  intensive care units in the Copenhagen area.
She has been nurse manager for 10 years, and responsible for the education of critical care nurses in the unit, for the past 10 years.
Nowadays she is concentrating working on clinical education in critical care nursing in the ICU of Hvidovre Hospital.

Additionally to her education as critical care nurse, many years ago, she has a diploma in leadership and management and a master degree in learning and innovation.
During the past 3 years she has been deeply involved in developing the new national curriculum for critical care education.
She is now a member of the national group of critical care nurses, responsible for the clinic part of the education in critical care.

Welcome, Pernille



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