These grants are aimed primarily at encouraging European research that focuses on critically ill patients, their relatives, or the staff and services that provide for them.2018 Research Grant

The grants are open to members of National Associations that are members of the EfCCNa.

For more information about the grants please have a look at the EfCCNa Research Grant Guidelines.

For grant application please use the EfCCNa Research Grant application form (see instruction how to fill in an online pdf)

The closing date for consideration of research grants for 2019 is 1st September 20120.

Successful grant holders will be informed mid-January 2020.


Research Grant Holder 2018


Research Grant Holder 2017

Weaning from mechanical ventilation from a patient's, next-of-kin and health care professionals perspective
PI: Catharina Tingsvik


Research Grant Holder 2016

Nursing workload on ICU: development and application of a model for the prediction of workload and nursing staff
PI: Marga Hoogendoorn


Research Grant Holder 2015

What are the needs of families of patients with a chronic illness whilst in critical care and what resources might help?
PI: Geraldine O'Gara


Research Grant Holder 2014 

Dandelion: Danish Delirium Study on Neurointensive Care Patients
PI: Lorna Krone


Research Grant Holders 2013

Study of Variability of Care Provided during non-invasiveVentilation
PI: Marta Raurell

Sleep Distubances and Searion Practice in the Intensive Care Unit: an International Survey
PI: José Hofhuis, Peter Spronk